Skål club Zagreb Assembly 2022 Election news

At the Skål club Zagreb Assembly 2022 in a festive atmosphere of hotel Canopy by Hilton Zagreb a new club President Mr. Mario Matko, Vice President Mrs. Vesna Pritchard and new members of the Board of directors Mrs. Daniela Kos, Mrs. Ivana Kolar and Ms. Josipa Tisaj were elected.

Mrs. Martina Bienenfeld is elected as Board director for the second term while Mr. Alan Racic is conducting his role as Secretary and Treasurer.

The Supervisory Board welcomes Mr. Mislav Veselica, Mr. Miroslav Luketic and Mrs. Marija Rasan-Krizanac as new members that will be conducting their duties responsibly.

The combination of young and experienced Club leaders will be a winning formula for the coming projects of Skål club Zagreb that will focus on promoting the dynamic and exciting professional tourism lifestyle, international exchange of ideas, and as a result invite new members to become a part of the Skål experience.

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