Skål club Zagreb member interview – Alan Račić

What can you tell us about your career in tourism?

My first job in tourism was as a Skål International information officer during the Skål World Congress in Zagreb and Dubrovnik in 2005, which showed me up close and in the best possible way the dynamic and inspiring work environment complemented by friendly and professional bonding that happens on an international level.
This motivated me to continue my personal development in international tourism business by gaining professional experience working at the IMEX company – organizer of the world’s largest Exhibitions in the Meetings & Events industry, after which I built up experience by managing numerous international MICE industry projects, and then by leading the entire business of a Resort, in order to eventually open my own PCO DMC, completing numerous projects in the healthcare industry for the Croatian state, the international private sector and beyond.

What attracted you to become actively involved in the work of Skål International?

Since my teenage days, I have had the opportunity to meet many international members and experience events of the Skål organization, truly broadening my view of what tourism actually represents and the many opportunities for personal development that it opens up by getting to know the most diverse people, cultures and customs around the world, from which in the end meaningful and lasting friendships are made.

This year, the Skål World Congress 2022 is being held in Opatija and Rijeka, how do you see its significance for Croatian tourism?

I am excited because the event that defined my path of professional development is now returning to Croatia, namely the World Congress, which represents Skål International's largest and most significant event on a global scale.
Our friend club Skål Kvarner, which organizes the aforementioned Congress, will undoubtedly present in the best possible way the diverse tourist offer of the Croatian coastal region of Kvarner and beyond.
The Skål World Congress is a unique event where up to a thousand Skål members, experienced managers and professionals from all branches of tourism and from the most diverse parts of the world get to know the tourist offer of a certain country directly. As a result the door opens to long-term development of the destination through strong, high-quality and friendly international business connections.

Skål club Zagreb is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, what does its years long activity represent for the capital of Croatia?

While organizing the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Skål Club Zagreb I was reminded how significant and strong our community is. It gathers around forty proactive and experienced professionals from all segments of tourism - from the great support of the Zagreb Tourist Board, the most prestigious hotels, established and specialized travel agencies, prominent lecturers and consultants, all so that through the exchange of ideas and the realization of projects we can make a strong positive impact on the development of tourism in Zagreb and its surroundings on a domestic and international level.

What makes Skål International special for you? How do you see its future?

As a member of the team responsible for the implementation of Skål International's digital transformation plan on a global level I see the great efforts being made to fully realize the organization's vision.
Skål's uniqueness comes from its 12,500 top tourism managers in 310 clubs from 84 countries around the world, where countless unique and interesting stories are written every day that will inspire and encourage the arrival of new members with their own creative ideas, ready to enrich the organization's activities.
Through all available forms of promotion such as digital platforms, social networks or directly, all of us at Skål have a duty to convey in the best possible way to new Skålleagues the unforgettable experiences and business opportunities that happened to us by meeting new friends from many different parts of the world, as our motto says it best: "Doing business among friends".

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