Skål club Zagreb history

In the seventies of the twentieth century, the city of Zagreb was a metropolis in the full sense of the word - from the rich Austro-Hungarian cultural heritage, exciting entertainment offer, to great transport connections.

Mr. Bogumil Vrus, longtime representative of Generalturist in Brussels and member of the local Skål club, and Mr. Milivoj Kujundžić, then Secretary General of the Zagreb Tourist Board, recognized those values and concluded that the time has come for a strong development of Zagreb's international image in tourism through Skål International.

Through their encouragement, the Skål club Zagreb was founded in 1972 with Mr. Ratko Karlović as the first president.

As the first club founded in Croatia it influenced the successful development of Zagreb tourism, its prominent members contributed to the spread of the club's international awareness, and through the so-called "Twinning" the Zagreb club became connected with the Skål clubs of world famous cities such as Vienna, Paris, Tokyo and Bangalore.

The most significant historical moment of the Zagreb club happened in 2005 when its president Mr. Nik Račić organized the Skål International World Congress in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The city of Zagreb hosted almost a thousand Skål members from various countries, promoted itself in the best way and was once again shining on the world travel map.

Today, Skål club Zagreb is focused on modern trends and technologies in tourism in order to best combine its many years of business experience with the enthusiasm of the young Skålleagues generation and through this synergy successfully build new friendships, expand its international influence and use modern possibilities of communication.

But the core values of Skål International that our Skålleagues proudly say at every gathering will forever remain the same - happiness, good health, friendship, long life, Skål!

Skål International history

Skål International began operations in 1932 with the aim of promoting friendship among tourism professionals.

The idea of its foundation was conceived by Paris travel agents at the presentation of the new aircraft in Stockholm when, during the warm welcome of the organizers, they saw the importance of socializing together to develop new close friendships and first-class business relationships.

They realized that the establishment of a professional organization was the best way to spread these values in tourism and as a result, on December 16, 1932, the first Skål Club was founded in Paris.

The word "Skål" originates from the Scandinavian region and means "Cheers" which is pronounced during a toast, and was chosen because it combines all the positive experiences that its founders had in Stockholm.

This was followed by the opening of 12 new clubs around the world, and by realizing the importance of their coordinated work, Florimond Volckaert proposed to unite the clubs into an international organizationand so, on April 28. 1934, The Association International des Skål Clubs (A.I.S.C.) was formed.

Today, Skål International has more than 12.000 members in 330 clubs spread across over 100 countries around the world.

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