What is Skål?

Skål International is an association of tourism professionals that, with more than 12.000 members in 330 clubs spread across over 100 countries, encourages and creates a network of stellar contacts around the world.

Our members are present in every sector of the international tourism industry and open the door for cooperation whether it is with a tour operator, travel agency, hotel, airline, tourist board or other segment of travel.

Unique opportunities provided by Skål:

- Global database of tourism professionals - find ideal contacts for cooperation to advance your business

- Exclusive opportunities for international networking - choose to attend business events around the world, Skål clubs meet once a month and are always open to all Skålleagues

- Skål academy, online education and webinars - professional training opportunities to improve skills in the desired segment of tourism provided by Skål experts from around the world

- Local activities - attend organized business and entertainment events of Skål Club Zagreb

- Skål World Congress - a unique networking opportunity at the annual World Congress held each year in a different country

- Travel fairs - access to Skål International stands and B2B events

Requirements for Skål membership

Skål membership is open to all persons with a minimum of three years of experience on management positions in the tourism industry

Each candidate applying for Skål membership must have a written recommendation from two existing members of Skål Club Zagreb

Send us your application for membership at: info@skalzagreb.com

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Skål International