What is Young Skål?

Young Skål is a special membership category for students and young professionals in tourism that opens numerous opportunities for their own professional development and networking with Skålleagues in different segments of tourism around the world.

Unique opportunities provided by Young Skål:

- Meeting and networking with Skålleagues globally through the Skål International online platform, developing friendships and common values between Young Skål members through active participation in the organization of projects such as virtual events, professional gatherings or sports competitions

- Encouraging education and gaining practical experience for Young Skål members through regular online and in-person activities of Skål Club Zagreb

- Young Skål members have at their disposal all the online tools of active membership on the Skål International website - www.skal.org

- Skål Club Zagreb can promote Young Skål members to Skål active membership after all the requirementshave been met

- Young Skål members can attend the Skål World Congress at a special price arranged with Skål Club Zagreb

Requirements for Young Skål membership

3 categories of Young Skål membership:

1. Young Skål Student - a student between the ages of 18 and 27 who studies at an authorized tourism educational institution that issues a recognized diploma or certificate after graduation

2. Young Skål Professional - a young professional worker in travel business between the ages of 20 and 29

3. Young Skål Associate - A young Skål Student who continues to study after the age of 27 or a Young Skål Professional who is further educated or employed after the age of 29 but is not yet qualified for active membership. Young Skål Associate member status can be maintained until the age of 35

A person applying for Young Skål membership will be nominated for one of the above three categories, depending on the prerequisites they meet.

Send us your application for membership at: info@skalzagreb.com

Young Skål members who leave their tourism educational institution or leave their job in the tourism sector lose their right of Young Skål membership.

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